1. Donate – If God puts in your heart to donate for our ministry, please let us know and we can explain  more about the purpose of the donations.

Currently, we have several undergoing projects which we are excited about. It is amazing to see such developement in our language for the first time in the history of Amri Karbi tribe.

Here are some projects that you can be a part of:

Jesus film

In the near future, we will receive the Jesus film in our language. To make it available / shown in every villages we are looking for LCD projector  which cost around 400-500$ USD which is 25000 to 30000 INR. We would appreciate any help for this.

Audio Bible

Audio Bible is a usefull resource among the non-reading cultures. In order to make it happen, we need some equipment for audio recordings. You may also sponsor  audio studio cost which are 15000-20000 INR thousand.

Sunday school printing for every  child

These days we are trying to develop the Sunday school materials in the Amri language. You might sponsor financially this project.


Pastors of our Churches are working full time on a voluntary basis as a missionary in the local Church. Even 50$USD per month will make a big difference in their ministry.

Local drinking water project for every village

With the help of EDGE ministry, we were able to install one water purifier which generates 20000 thousand litres/ 5000 gallons of water per day. It is a brilliant opportunity for villagers to see the connections between pure drinking water and the living water that Jesus Christ offers us.

One water generator like this cost 1000$USD. You can support this project partially or in full amount.

No matter how big or small you participation will be. You are becoming a part of our team. Thank you very much for considering our needs.