Prayer Points

Prayer is a powerful tool which Christian can use  to stand against the evil one. We Amri karbi AKBKA Mission need your prayer support.

Here are a few prayer points that you can pray for. 


 1. Pray for the Amri karbi website

Pray that our website will make more Amri Karbi language materials available for our people.

2. Pray for Churches in Amri Karbi

We have 262 villages and only 30 of those have churches. Pray that we will be able to open more churches in Amri Karbi area next year.

3. Pray for Church leader

Every pastor in AKBKA Mission is a fully committed believer, dedicated their lives  for the ministry of the Lord  Christ Jesus - to proclaim his Glory among the nations. Pray for our pastors.

4. Pray for the Amri youth

As we all know, the 21st century is a difficult time for young people to abide in the Lord. They are vulnerable and unstable in their decisions.

Please pray for the Amri Karbi youth, so that they will rise up with selfless faith to be witnesses for God.

5. Pray for the Children

Children are our future generation which will be carrying on our present task of spreading the Good News that is why we would like to ask you to raise up your voices in prayer.